Falcon NL 4 years ago • updated by La Alice 2 months ago 69
It would be nice if terminal windows could be shown in a panel. Pipe all input to the terminal, pipe terminal output to the panel. Mainly for Windows, where the default command prompt is very limited. Integrating it in Sublime Text would bring easy copy/pasting and custom fonts, among others.
Meh 4 years ago • updated by Jamal 4 months ago 81
It's been on the roadmap for a while, would really contribute to the usable screen real-estate of the editor.
James Brooks 4 years ago • updated by La Alice 2 months ago 30
In split vertical pane layout, it would be awesome to do a side by side comparison, or allow for a way for the other pane to follow the line count.
Alex Fox 3 years ago • updated by Michał Radwański 1 month ago 50
Make an arm processer version of sublime text 2 for linux
Tomas Sardyha 4 years ago • updated by La Alice 2 months ago 26
Same functionality as "match_brackets", but for HTML/XML tags.
Trevor Burnham 4 years ago • updated by Nikos Kanellopoulos 3 weeks ago 141
In TextMate themes, you can easily indicate partially transparent colors on both background and foreground elements by specifying a 4-channel hex code. (For instance, #ffffff88 would give you a partly transparent white.) ST2 currently ignores these.

I'd love to be able to define alpha channels in my color schemes, preferably with the TextMate convention.
Asfalt boy 4 years ago • updated by Mahmoud M. Abdel-Fattah 16 hours ago 28
Right-To-Left Languages like Hebrew/Arabic aren't supported, this makes writing, for instance, Hebrew content almost impossible since all text is reversed.

This feature would insure that I'll buy this, otherwise, great editor.
Michał Pasieka 4 years ago • updated by Stinhoutx 3 weeks ago 183
It should be possible to print files
Josh Bjornson 4 years ago • updated by Markzusi 4 months ago 82
The background color of the sidebar is quite different than the rest of Sublime Text and stands out quite a bit with a dark color scheme. It would be nice if the sidebar coloring was consistent with the rest of the user interface.
Germán M. Bravo 4 years ago • updated by Tamás Barta 3 weeks ago 23

API to make it possible to add tooltips in the editor (http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2670)

A tooltips API should be thought to make it possible to have function call tips with integrated documentation added by plugins and perhaps color for syntax highlighting. Also tooltips could be made to render graphics or colors (as for instance to make it possible to see the actual color when one hovers a CSS color in the code)

N00ge 4 years ago • updated by Aliteralmind 6 months ago 20
It would be useful to see hints in the autocomplete list for the selected item. Related thread in the forum is: http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1728
N00ge 4 years ago • updated by Mohd Domais 2 months ago 94
This would very slick and better optimize space.
Σωτήρης Φραγκίσκος 4 years ago • updated by Hassan Jamal 2 years ago 9
Please provide full documentation for this otherwise excellent piece of software... it's just incomplete and inaccessible without it
Antihero 4 years ago • updated by Andre Renaud 3 days ago 23
It would be great to have an API to control the sidebar. Perhaps it could be populated as a list, with a standardised dict that can map onto actions, this would enable the making of trees, in this format.
( 'Parent Node',
    [ { 'onClick': doBlah, 'title': 'Blah'},
        ( 'Folder',
            [ { 'action': doAShortCut,
                    'title': 'A nested item'},
                { 'args': ['args', 'to', 'doAShortcut'],
                    'function': aCallback,
                    'title': 'Another nested'}])])

Though that's debatable.
Denis Tomilin 4 years ago • updated by Diogo Resende 2 months ago 64
Need to add ability to show icons near files and folders. Also, we need an API for this.
It usualy needs by CVS-plugins, advenced plugins(like IM integration, lol) and others.
Patrick Thurmond 3 years ago • updated by Roy Ho 4 months ago 29
I would really like to see FTP and SFTP (the ssh access is sometimes the only access) with browsing in the sidebar panel to work just like local folder browsing. It should have a way to save FTP login credentials and be able to select saved FTP logins. Maybe even make it a project type. So you save the FTP project like any other project and when you open it back up it re-establishes the connection and brings back the previously opened files.
Germán M. Bravo 4 years ago • updated by Elahn Ientile 1 month ago 39
It'd be great to have intellisense or a more smarter more customizable autocomplete and be able to use some kind of source code introspection to show tooltips and autocompletes
James Brooks 4 years ago • updated by La Alice 2 months ago 28
It would be awesome if you could rename files and folders in the sidebar!
Jon Skinner 4 years ago
Added in build 2046.

Despite not every possible file manipulation function being there, I'm marking this off as completed - new functionality requests will be best placed as separate tickets.
Nick Tanawas R. 3 years ago • updated by Sorlavit Nimmarlairatana 4 weeks ago 41
Please fix Thai language that some alphabet especially "tone mark" and "vowel" is not shown such as when type "วัน" it will be shown as "วน". 
Tomas Sardyha 4 years ago • updated by La Alice 2 months ago 21
Right now it is only an underline, with option to set the color. I'd like it to be a background color, or border perhaps, with customizable color (or a bracket color based on color scheme).